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Web Application Attacks Prevention

Since web server application represents the weakest attack avenues, therefore, it is important for Aim Higher College’s web server developer to take preventive measures against such as attack. Web server attacks are mostly with tools including Nikto or Nessus. Default run of such tools can easily be found through Snort or other IDs, which will fire all the places (Dwivedi, 2008). These tools are with IDs evasion methods and they are rather effective, in which developer is flagged. Need custom assignment writing service? You are at the right place.

In addition, other threat to web server application can be due to vulnerability with XML application in PHP. Although, PHP versions possessed register_globals set to off by default, yet, some users can modify the default setting for application. In order to avoid such attack on server application, it is rather important that register is set to on or off in PHP, in which variable is properly initialized if this register is set on (Stuttard& Pinto, 2011). Moreover, develop of Aim Higher College should avoid using register_globals. Buy dissertation online UK to get high grades in your academic tasks.

SQL injection is another kind of web server attack, in which hackers retrieve the important information from web server database. In order to avoid attack on web server database, it is important to ignore connecting to the database as a database owner. The most appropriate preventive measure is to use customized database users along with the least required rights to carry out the assigned task (Dobson, 2005). Additionally, if the PHP magic_quotes_gpc function is on, all post, cookie and other data will disappear. We are the best UK essay writing service who provides custom writing services to every student.


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