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Effectiveness of Billboards and Effective Target Marketing

Part 1: Personal Observation for Billboards

A billboard is an advertisement tool used as an outdoor advertising structure and found in the traffic areas such as a long busy street (Betz, 2011). The objectives of using billboards are achieved when it is present to passing pedestrian and drivers. Moreover, different types of billboards vary the effects of billboards, while considering the fact that advertisement on the billboards are visible twenty-four seven, but their effects are measurable when succeeds to get the attention of the massive audience (Green, 2011). However, the effectiveness of billboards also vary based on the traffic and population, the most effective billboard is the one that has have high visibility with regard to traffic and population. Get help with essays from the best essay writing company all around.

On the way to work or home, there is log route of roads and all of them are mainly busy roads. However, in the long way, it is difficult to remember all billboards because of crowd, traffic and motion of vehicles, yet there are in total more than 15 billboards. Amongst them, few billboards are remembered because of their size, as they are very huge to be noticed by the passer by. Other reason to remember those billboards is the advertisement that they contain including brand that enhances the overall visibility of the billboard. Additionally, few billboards are remembered because they are seen uncountable times and they all are located on the busy roads where traffic is usually jam and block and passerby in buses or cars get enough opportunity to stop, see and remember it. On the next visit to that route, very few billboards are found, which have visibility to get the attention of passerby due to their location, size and highly populated area. Buy case study writing services and enjoy the free time by observing the progress of our writers.

Part 2: Reaching Target Markets for Successful Marketing Campaign

According to Barter (2008), satisfying the needs of target market is the most significant job for marketers as it helps them to use their needs as tool to attract them for the specific products and services. Moreover, addressing the issues such as their perception about products, the way marketers want the customers to perceive the products, ways to attract the customers for specific products are effective in terms of making a business and brand image successful (Lightsey, 2009). In order to attract the target audience and develop customers’ loyalty and devotion with the product, it is important that appropriate and effective marketing strategies to be used (Hiam, 2007). We provide thesis writing help to students who kept into deliberation while drafting each paper.

In the case study, it is found that an electronics store aims to target young adult males for a new car radio speaker technology. For an effective and efficient marketing, it is important to assess the needs of customers. Adult males are more likely to carry cars speakers and it might be easy to target them for radio speaker technology. For encouraging the sale, there is need to develop a comprehensive and informative understanding with the technology while also attracting them. Images are strong medium to attract the audiences, and to attract the adult males for purchasing the technology it is important to give lavish and awesome images of the brand as if it looks good it will definitely attract the viewers. It may include images regarding entertainment and fun that can be experienced by loud and clear sound system of speakers. Moreover, it should also include some images that show features of brand. The most preferable characters for radio script will be young, energetic, and accomplished type of individuals and this should be taken place in a crowd where crowd get attentive to see the individuals listening radio. Moreover, new technology can also be added to enhance the effectiveness of the script such as showing new cars models with radio speakers. At first, new car model will attract the viewers and highly loud sound will help to get the attention of maximum audience. The standard of professional assignment writinghas evolved over time, becoming challenging and highly competitive.


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