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Recent Academic Samples

The Diamond Valley Newspaper Part 1

Task: Write a Research Paper on a local news media outlet incorporating a history of the organization and the results of your own original research into an interesting aspect of its past, present or future direction. Abstract

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The Diamond Valley Newspaper Part 2

Write a Research Paper on a local news media outlet incorporating a history of the organization and the results of your own original research into an interesting aspect of its past, present or future direction. Methodology Local Research 2011 consist of a quantitative phone survey.

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Effectiveness of Billboards and Effective Target Marketing

Try to remember the billboards on your commute to work or school. How many do you think there are? Explain why you remembered any of them. What if an electronics store is targeting young adult males for a new car radio speaker technology. What sort of images in a radio script do you think would encourage a sale? What kind of characters would you prefer and where would the action take place?

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Tesco - Industry Trend Analysis

Choose a well-known successful company and examine how it has developed its corporate strategy with specific reference to its marketing strategy.

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Efficient Market Hypothesis

The essay could provide a basic overview of: • The forms of the Efficient Market Hypothesis • Evidence both seminal and recent the theory relating to the three forms of the hypothesis. • The theoretical role and motivation of analysts in creating market efficiency • Alternative perspectives on the pricing of securities.You should take the discussion beyond the scope of the lecture on the topic to demonstrate independent learning

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People Management Assignment

'People talk about the 'generation gap' but what does it mean? ...People born in the same era often have similar values and belief systems and these are different from those shared by people born in other eras. These different values produce different ways of working and different expectations from work and have the potential to lead to misunderstandings and conflict. ... The better you understand the combination of factors that motivates and drives each generation the better you will be able to lead them.'Part A: Analyze two of the four generations (Gen Y, X, Baby Boomers and Traditionalists) and list what you consider to be the values and belief systems pertaining to those generations. Part B: What leadership style will best suit those generations, justify your response. How will you develop team commitment and cooperation? Part C: How will you best manage each generation? Consider appropriate recognition and reward schemes, delegation of task and responsibilities, individual development, mentoring and coaching, achievements of goals

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Web Application Attacks Prevention

Defense against web attacks is a key element in a security professional's skill set. For this assignment, your manager has asked you to review the Aim Higher College's Web server and application security and to suggest appropriate defenses.

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Healthcare Memorandum

Writing a health policy analysis is an important skill for health policy makers and can be valuable for those who wish to influence policy. This chapter describes a step-by-step process for creating a written health policy analysis, which you will practice in this week’s Application Assignment.

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A Critical Appraisal of The 2011 E.coli Outbreak of Food Poisoning in Germany

Topic: A critical appraisal of the 2011 E.coli outbreak of food poisoning in Germany.In 2011 there was a large outbreak of E.coli food poisoning which although centred in Germany crossed many international borders. Chart a timeline of the outbreak from the initial presumptive cases to the publication of the Outbreak Report. Illustrate any unusual factors associated with the causative organism and its effect. Critically analyse the difficulties in isolating the causative organism, identifying the source of the outbreak and the involvement of relevant national and international Health Authorities and partner organisations. Identify what the role of a UK Local Authority based EHP would have been in this event.Conclude what lessons can be learned from this outbreak and propose an outline strategy which should adopted internationally in order to prevent or reduce the risk of similar events happening in the future.

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